September 2015

Dance is

by Nangula Uiras

Dance is
The swing of hips, arms, body isolations
As our feet flow with movement to sound or simply heartfelt expressions
Or just something we do to connect to deeper vibrations of feel-good endorphins
To moments of pleasure.

Dance is
A play with melodies.
Feeling selected sequences of human movement is its ultimate pleasure
Visual image is secondary, a result of that symphony
Rhythmic play unrelated to anything conscious; dance is abstract by definition
Communication where words are expressed through energy flow.

Dance is
A way we express our innermost, hidden feelings that can only come out through our bodies
It is spiritual; we experience an incredible, almost absolute sense of freedom
Movement to the beat has a magical effect on us; we come to euphoria
In unity.

Dance is
Music played with the body.

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