September 2015

A Note from the Editors

Friends of Artwolfe,

Circumstances have been changing in our Artwolfe editing and administration circle. The wolves of change are howling, one could say…including the upcoming employment of our stalwart and magnificent Helen as a curator for the National Gallery of Namibia (a job that will busy her away from full-time, dedicated Artwolfing) and the start of a new collaborative writing project – WRITER’S ROOM – hosted by Artwolfe and Black Tree Productions.

The result is that we haven’t been able to release Artwolfe issues bi-monthly, as we hoped to, and we have come to realise that we need to do things differently round here, if we want to keep relevant material coming to you regularly (which we surely do).

These changes may be temporary, while we settle into to our new roles; or they may turn out to suit us exactly… and we hope they suit you too: What you will find here today are two lively pieces – a poem by Nangula Uiras called ‘Dance is’ and a reflective piece by Melissa Kandido called The Taxonomy of Boxes, on the challenges of stereotyping.

In the upcoming weeks, we will release mini-issues like this, couplets that work well together or a single longer article , or a cluster of poems. We will work, as ever, with what our writers give us, with the aim of publishing fewer articles more often.

You can look forward to a retrospective review of Rika Nel’s recent master’s exhibition ‘Paper as Metaphor for the Fragility and Vulnerability of the Human Being’ and very soon the fruits of WRITER’S ROOM will start to make an appearance too.

As ever, any material that is published here will be shared by newsletter. If you are interested in receiving Artwolfe editorials and links to your email address, you can sign up for the newsletter by emailing

If you would like to add your voice, your art or your opinion to this project please email us at: and don’t forget to follow Artwolfe on Facebook and Twitter.

with much love,

the ARTWOLFE editorial team

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