Volume 7: July & August 2015

Vol. 7, Issue 1: Editorial

The Music Issue! Ever since we started hustling about a year ago to make the idea of Artwolfe into some sort of reality, we have been speaking about the necessity of producing an issue about the music scene. And here it finally is… Knowing all too well that we are unable to discuss everything that is happening musically in this country, we nonetheless hope that our small contribution will somehow add to your understanding of what is happening in the Namibian music scene.

We get a bit of insight into the world of artist and musician, Justcallme Jeff. We also have an interview with DJ Speedy Kleva Kaslam who has recently collaborated with Brother Sister Records… Nita Pallet describes an evening at Jojo’s with the performance of the Savannah Afros and friends. If you discover some sounds that you like in this issue, you can continue to be inspired to support local Namibian artists and musicians by reading Fellemon Handuukeme Ndongo’s call to buy local. And then from a music educator’s point of view, we have a fascinating article about Matheus Tuhafeni Michael’s experience in China and the cultural and musical exchange between these two countries.

Next up, expect to see another ‘Artwolfe Artist’s Profile’ issue showcasing an artistic individual who is currently contributing significantly to dance in Namibia. Watch this space!

In other news, we recently had our first Writer’s Room Workshop in collaboration with Black Tree Productions. Thank you to all involved for what will hopefully be an exciting new venture for writers and authors in Namibia!

If you would like to add your voice, your art or your opinion to this discussion (or any discussion, really) please email us at: thefuturewasgreat@gmail.com and don’t forget to follow Artwolfe on Facebook and Twitter.

much love,

the ARTWOLFE editorial team

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