Volume 7: July & August 2015

Mystic Acoustic

by Nita Pallet





The painter, The speakers, The dancers, The music.

The particular individuals pictured across this page are some of the artists that have inspired a certain group of young musicians: the Savannah Afros.

The Savannah Afros, who are Tapiwa Munyayi, Nyasha Chirau and Tee Stunt invited a number of other artists to perform in a variety of genres alongside them. These guest artists – with soul-displaying, vivacious performances – made the entire evening a memorable and unique experience. This performance was put together by the Savannah Afros in order to try and bring the audience into the minds of their different members. The different pieces played by each member of the band showed the individual parts that Savannah Afros is comprised of and all the themes they work with. According to Nayasha, a member of the Savannah Afros, the performance included elements that inspired them when working on their latest album.

The group will launch their latest album on the 25th of September this year.

Fellemon Handuukeme Ndongo's spoken word piece at the performance.

Fellemon Handuukeme Ndongo’s spoken word piece at the performance.

A beautiful and daring dance accompanied the music.

A beautiful and daring dance by Justina accompanied the music.


Chantel performing original music with Taps on djembe.


A strong spoken word performance by Blesser.


Cynical and brave poetry by Keith.


The lyrical stylings of Metarere Tjiho!


Frans Unona painted the changing scenes on stage, capturing the life and soul of the performers. This work is still on display at Jojo’s music and arts cafe.

All photos taken by Nita Pallet

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