Volume 6: May & June 2015

Vol. 6, Issue 3: Editorial – Artwolfe Artist’s Profile Series: JuliART

Good day dear readers, here we are, back again, but this time with something all together new and exciting!
The editorial team for Artwolfe has for sometime been wanting to give artists more of our space and time. We love our once off interviews, reviews and articles but we know that a deeper and more sustained engagement is what Namibian artists deserve. So it is with this issue that we kick of with our Artwolfe Artist’s Profile series. This means one whole issue dedicated to one intriguing artist. And who better to sart with? Here she is: JuliART
JuliaART/Juliana/Julia Nakwasha Hango is a young photographer and performance artist currently operating from Swakopmund who’s work is both beautiful, challenging and completely unique. In this issue you will find various pieces looking at her work and the artist, who gives of herself so wonderfully in her article ‘Overcoming‘. This piece gives us some insight into her life and her story but wouldn’t be complete without the complementary piece, ‘In All Our Nakedness‘ by Nunu Namises who writes about her experience of watching JuliART perform live at JoJo’s earlier this year.
In our interview with her we find out how JuliART came to love photography and what her performances mean to her. What is particularly exciting about this issue is that JuliART has agreed to launch her YouTube channel with us. So don’t hesitate to go watch her work on YouTube and continue to watch that space for more of work in the future! You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.
So delve in and enjoy our first ever issue of the Artwolfe Artist’s Series! And a huge thank you to Julia Hango for sharing so beautifully her work and herself with us!
Don’t forget to follow Artwolfe on Facebook and Twitter!
Much love,
the ARTWOLFE editorial team
By JuliART

By JuliART

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