Volume 6: May & June 2015

A Thought Is Where Art Begins

by Tina Schonheit

Art education is important. Because?
Because everything is art, and art is everywhere.
When we don’t know art we don’t know shit.

When I introduce myself as an artist the next question: Oh you paint!

I don’t paint. I don’t draw. I don’t sketch. I actually hate working with a pen or a pencil.

But you are an artist?

Art is powerful and art is power.
Art teaches to think.
To think free
To think out of the box
To question and to find new solutions.

“A picture says more than a thousand words.”
A picture can be a painting, a drawing, a sketch, a photograph, a sculpture, or words.
Words interwoven in sentences, projecting images to our imagination.

A poem, a play, an act.

Most artists work from their heart. Most art is produced to express. To express a feeling, or to hold or even call back a moment, to create a memory. Or to produce a feeling in the spectator, or taking them to another place, when they look at, or experience the artwork.

Some art is produced to entertain, for example movies or TV shows. Why?
Some art is produced with the intent to raise awareness, to wake people up, to shock. Why?
For example street art. Some street art made it in museums. Why?
Some art is seen as controversial by many and as a visualization of what lays hidden by others. Why?

Confusing, right?
Thats why art education is important.

Art is more then just a pretty painting. And someone who is a good painter, is not necessary a good artist. Their craft, painting, sketching, drawing, sculpturing, or whatever, can be good, very good, or even exceptional. But is their art without a meaning, without a thought it is without a soul, it is dead.

A thought is where art begins….

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