Volume 5: March & April 2015

Vol. 5, Issue 4: Wordwolfe Editorial

Dear Artwolfe Friends and Readers, How time flies when you’re having fun. Two months ago we asked you to bear with us as we tried out the new and exciting WORDWOLFE. Now it’s the end of Volume five and Wordwolfe is here again to give us a much needed break from writing about art and get into the mood of artful writing. This time round we made an open call and were absolutely overwhelmed with the response. All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you to all the poets and writers out there who shared a little of themselves with us. You guys are so cool and we appreciate you so much! There is nothing like opening up our e-mail to find it chock-a-block with submissions. As we said before Wordwolfe is about writing, it is a space for fiction and poetry, where the writers are the artists, and the words are their materials. After receiving such a great and diverse response it is clear to us how important it is to keep this space alive and well. Part of this will involve hosting a regular event where writers can get together and discus each other’s writing and generally talk words. If you want to know more about it then do drop us a line and we will give you the details. In this issue we have four poems. Little Voices by Oshosheni Hiveluah, Pursuit of Happiness by Alan Hameine, Everything by Anne Hambuda and The Writing Woman by Mimi Mwiya with Mercy Makalelo Mukena. We are very happy to bring you this assortment of poems and are more than happy to let them speak for themselves, go forth and explore! But wait wait, not so fast! We first want to tell you about Tina Interviews Tom in which Tina Schönheit, Master Jeweler, Designer and multi-medium Artist interviews Tom the Guy. Tom is an artwork who is performed by Tina and it gives us great pleasure to give them the stage right here and now. Please keep in touch with us about publishing any fictional work you have! Okay now you may go exploring. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop. much love, the ARTWOLFE team

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