The Writing Woman

by Mimi Mwiya with Mercy Makalelo Mukena

She’s a type of person, isn’t she?

She feels everything too intensely

She doesn’t ask for much

So she doesn’t get anything at all

She just keeps on giving

Being taken from


Hardly ever loved back

Until there’s nothing left.

The writing woman.

So blessed. So cursed.

Not allowed to feel the darkness

Yet expected to narrate it

Put it in words,

How can she do that without being one with it though?

Forced to forget her own pain

So she can heal the world

A world beyond healing

Yet she keeps trying

Over and over again

When she needs healing the most

The writing woman

Re-living the same old hurt

Re-loving the ones that keep hurting her

But who helps the helper?

Heals the healer?

The maker, maybe?

For there’s no one else left.

It’s too much

To bear the burdens of the world,

And bear her own too.

One thought on “The Writing Woman

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