Pursuit of Happiness

by Alan Hameine

Be it I stand my ground, be it I lay in submission fetal position on the ground.

Either way, death shall find me any day…

Let me ponder the rocks, and see what lies beneath.

Then only I shall find out what the odds are of getting bit by a scorpion.

A risk is an act. I shall and I Will is a pact.

Critics may come around, but they usually never take risks. so they are a really clear, alive in living color

Description of what you might become should you decide to listen to them. they come around for a reason…

A good plan starts off as a vision. manifested by mind it becomes a mission…

A hungry man sees no right or wrong so it could involve treason…

Get Rich or die trying. Or lay down in bed Fat and die Farting…

Go astray in the Jungle of civilization, climb trees and scout the paths that lay beneath…

Till a man walks by and tells the barracked Rock Mountain door “Open sesame”.

Wait till he leaves then go clean out the treasury.

One thought on “Pursuit of Happiness

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