Volume 5: March & April 2015

Vol. 5, Issue 3: Editorial

Well, friends – the Artwolfe Team keeps hopping along, springing from issue to issue, planning, looking for contributors, editing, discussing and getting confused over Whatsapp, Skype, endless email threads and generally trying to keep this thing going and behave like grown-ups. It can get a little bit overwhelming, but mostly – it’s incredibly rewarding and exciting to be involved with the documentation and artistic discussions that are happening in Namibia right now.

This issue looks at various new artistic mediums that local artists are undertaking in Namibia. Performances, inter-disciplinary events, new media, participation. Art is constantly growing, evolving, changing with pockets of people just doing their thing. This issue is testament to the new generation of artists coming out of Namibia.

Following on from our last issue, which celebrated Namibia’s 25 years of independence by looking at some young ‘born-free’ artists, we have a more in-depth discussion from Fellemon Ndongo, who was involved with the show that the College of the Arts prepared for the celebrations. You can read all about the enormous effort and work that went into this inter-disciplinary and spectacular performance.

We also have two quite different but equally important reviews of Kirsten Wechslberger’s recent exhibition, Navigating the Maze. Check out what these two voices have to say about this unique artist’s work that involved sculpture, performance and video. We are also introduced to another artist, Sunya Beukes, by Just Barry who writes about her body-art work. Barry reveals to us that her work is about so much more than simply applying paint.

We are always performing versions of ourself, from what we wear, to what we do, to how we speak. Our final contribution from Masiyaleti Mbewe is a beautifully written opinion piece about her experiences with androgyny within society.

Our next issue is the much-awaited WORDWOLFE issue! The last issue of each Volume consists of fiction, poetry and short stories and we are looking for YOUR story! So if you have some creative writing to contribute, on any topic, no longer than 2000 words, please send it to: thefuturewasgreat@gmail.com before the 27th of April!

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and email us about anything. We’re really very friendly…

Much love,

the ARTWOLFE team

By Sunya Beukes

By Sunya Beukes

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