A Body of Art

                                 By Just Barry

Art takes on many different forms. It varies as vastly as people are diverse and therein lies the BEAUTY in art. No matter the era there will always be something new to turn into art. I sat down with a visual arts graduate from the College of the Arts to talk about her take on art in Namibia.

Sunya Beukes,23, is a graduate of the class of 2014 and has experienced mild exposure to the local arts scene with a few group exhibitions since her time at the College of the Arts. She has also done make-up for a few music videos, perhaps most notably a recent endeavour with a young up and coming Hip Hop sensation known as King Rich.

When asked what inspires her, Sunya smiled before saying that she wants to create “something new, something that Namibians aren’t used to; something outside of my own comfort zone.”

At this point, Sue, as she prefers to be called, showed me some of her artwork. I was utterly blown away by what I saw – this lady ‘gatz mad skills yo!’ and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Sue has recently caught the eye of the public and some newspapers for her new body-art work. She paints topless women, a job that I would probably be terrible at but still very much enjoy. She does the bulk of her body art through photography. Her process involves taking her pictures in the open with the body art being the main focus within her frames. I have been to an event where models with her body-art painted on them walk on the runway showing off both model and the art on the model.

A great deal of pre-thought and planning goes into her artwork before Sue actually puts brush-to-breast. When I asked her how she finds willing people Sue boastfully tells me that “people are eager to model for this new, artistic, sexy and raw art form. Some people even go as far as to approach me. Maybe its escapism or some kind of rebellious tick that draws them. I don’t know. All I know is they keep coming.”

If I were to wager as to why women would actively be searching her out, it would be because of what Sunya as an artist stands for. She is a very vocal person when it comes to fighting stereotypes and is against discrimination of people because of their sexual orientation and other gender-based discrimination. All these powerful messages are put into every ounce of paint that she uses, every flash of her camera and every sketch that she does. Sue is a very gifted artist who deserves much more praise than I alone can give her.

Her path is not easy as it is unreasonably hard for a new up-and-comer to make a splash in an industry that is saturated with stagnant groups of people who mysteriously always seem to have exhibitions of art works that mysteriously look like the ones they put out the year before. But the true Artista will prevail and their work shall be recognised and the old guard shall be nothing more than a tale in the halls of the gallery, as they compare the new with the old. So long as Sunya Beukes keeps on working and joins rank with other artists that have her calibre of creativity and sense of pure originality, these new artists will bring about the new era of art in the land of the brave.

If you are interested in seeing more of Sue’s work go to her steadily growing Facebook page Krayzee Photography where you will be greeted with a barrage of beautiful women with beautiful artwork painted onto their bossoms. If you are interested in requesting a special commission from Sunya email her at: sbsunya@gmail.com


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