Volume 4: Jan & Feb 2015

Vol. 4, Issue 4: Wordwolfe Editorial

Dear Artwolfe Friends and Readers,

This week we are diverting Artwolfe into new and unchartered territory and we hope that you will be happy to come along with us. Imagine it like Artwolfe has put on a costume and temporarily become something else. In two weeks, it will be back to its old form but for now it has transformed into a WORDWOLFE!

But what, you ask, is a Wordwolfe? Well… it is like an Artwolfe in the sense that it is a small collection of articles for you to read but instead of being about art and performance, Wordwolfe is something of an art form in itself. Wordwolfe is about writing, it is a space for fiction and poetry, where the writers are the artists themselves, and the word is their material.

Watch closely, dear readers. Wordwolfe is on the trail of Namibia’s writers and poets. We want to provide them a space to present their work and give you the chance to read it. Our ears (and inboxes) are open as usual and we want to hear from you.

In this issue, we have work by Tessa Harris, a young Namibian who is studying creative writing in Manchester, UK. Read her arresting and intriguing fairytale Patience, Ola and the EyeKyle de Villiers (Artwolfe’s very first contributor) chimes in again with a poem called All that Jazz. Then for a bit of poetry, local poet Glenn-Nora Tjipura’s piece The breath can be seen as a meditation on the experience of loss and the passing of time. Keeping to a rather philosophical theme, Stuart Coutt’s short story Adding Paint is something of a thought experiment, undertaken by a certain Cat and a certain Mo.

We are very happy to bring you these tales, and possibly even more happy to welcome our Wordwolfe editor Nesindano Namises. We look forward to a creatively and productive collaboration with her and we are confident that Wordwolfe will thrive under her wing. Hallo Nunu and welcome!

Wordwolfe will come out as the last issue of each volume – that is to say, it will appear on artwolfezine.com at the end of every two months (or so). We are also about to print our first volume of the year! (Excited shriek) So if you are in Namibia, keep an eye out for that and watch this space for more news. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our first ever – Wordwolfe Issue!

much love,

the ARTWOLFE team

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