Volume 4: Jan & Feb 2015

The Breathe (Glenn-Nora Tjipura)

The breath

I stand boastful in the sunrays of today

My eyes water, as I look forward

That can only be done

Letting go of the hand of yesterday


I wave boldly,

I said farewell this is it

Yet the memories of you not forgotten

Nor the lesson


But my heart knows not comfort or ease

It can only yield to the possibilities to be

Resting only content with the vision


Brazenly I stand not knowing my tomorrow

Or the hand that will feed me

For I have taken my breath

Awakened to life

That moment I had let go of you

My dear past


Hoping all I remember of you is the yesterdays

And all I can taste of you will never be forevers

For a new life is what I seek

As the doors to the past I close for eternity

One thought on “The Breathe (Glenn-Nora Tjipura)

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