Volume 4: Jan & Feb 2015

All that Jazz (Kyle de Villiers)

All That Jazz




It’s all about the b-b,

-B-e-a-utiful sounds,

Some rhapsodic cacophony,

A vicious cabaret,

But that dude’s got some hold on me,

Like dirty nails in a steak,

Spouting some jazz ab-out –ab-dullah- ee-bra-him,

He be babbling, beret’d, practically ver-bose;

Dirty clothes, policy laundry-mat-black.

“This is Afri-ka” –he says.

The be-talls, the beat-alls –a constant see-saw,


Laugh and the world laughs at you,

Cry and be joined at the hip.

Yellow jocundity like jaundice,

It travels, all-infectious;

Jaunted, a quick sojourn,


J-j-j-j-gee-wizz, this is the Africa?

This is the night,

Boot-legged, bottle-necked,



Whisky dicked.

Momento mori

Or technically named –erectile dysfunction,

Synonyms for disharmony,


Nagasaki horror splice,



It provokes the desire but takes away the performance.

Carpe deee-end baby.



And all that jazz.







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