Volume 4: Jan & Feb 2015

Vol. 4, Issue 3: Editorial

For this Namibians Abroad issue we decided to look outwards instead of inwards. Our art world is connected to so many others in small and big ways. Some of us were educated in South Africa and overseas and all of us who have studied the arts and who take an interest in it, generally take note of what goes on in the wider world. Contemporary art is shaped in so many places and in so many ways, we can always ask the question, What does that mean for us?

In this issue you will hear from Namibian author Tessa Harris about her experience studying creative writing in England, we get an sight into the perceptions Europeans often have of Namibia (read ‘Africa’), which will both amuse and depress you. Hanne Alpers shares with us what she believes to be blocking Namibians from showing an appreciation for locally produced art and Alfeus Mvula tells us about being abroad and what these experiences have meant to him. Lastly we have a piece from Liam Kruger, a writer who currently lives in Istanbul and has some origins in Namibia. From him we catch a glance of an outsiders perspective.

You may have noticed our little website has been going through some changes, we are in the process of upgrading and beautifying, so don’t worry, we’re still online, all of the articles are still here as we learn how to make the website more user-friendly.

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And if there is anything you feel we’ve missed out on – tell us. And we’ll try write about them. Or better, write about it and send it to us… We are always looking for more contributions. So enjoy the issue!

much love,

the ARTWOLFE team

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