Volume 4: Jan & Feb 2015

Vol. 4, Issue 1: Editorial

So 2014 is actually over. And we are ready to bring on 2015 with energy and glee and all those wonderful proactive sounding words! But before we tumble ahead into this new year, we wanted to have a quick re-cap at some major events in Namibia that closed off 2014. This issue takes a look at two big final year exhibitions, both in the Arts Department at the University of Namibia and the College of the Arts. These two institutions are pretty important sources of artistic energy in Namibia, housing possibly future great artists and we wanted to see what would happen if we compared their final year exhibitions and what this says about arts education in Namibia. Read more if you want to find out our opinion (and remember, if you disagree vehemently we encourage to call us out and send us in your own opinion).

Our fashion content co-ordinator, Bobby Kanjoosa, takes a look at the UNAM End of Year Fashion Show and COTA End of Year Fashion respectively so be sure to check out his thoughts there. Speaking of fashion, we also have a great interview with designer Ina Maria Shikongo and hear her insights into what it’s been like running some of the first workshops at the brand new COSDEF Arts & Crafts Centre in Swakopmund. What’s COSDEF? If you’re asking that question you really did purchase the right issue of ARTWOLFE because we also have an article about this new and exciting building in Swakopmund and the potential it holds for the arts in Namibia. And then there is our usual ‘How To’ – if you’ve been thinking about studying something arts-related, this one is for you.

Last year was crazy ride and we’ve loved (almost) every minute of producing this little publication you’re reading. We’re also excited for 2015 and the changes and developments it will bring. Don’t forget: We are all over the interwebz – Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, you’ll find us there. Also don’t forget: We are always looking for new voices and opinions, if you want to contribute anything (articles, photographs, ideas, opinions) simply email us at: thefuturewasgreat@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch!

WE HOPE YOU HAD A VERY MERRYWHATSIT AND ROWDYDELICIOUS NEW YEAR CELEBRATION! And thank you once more for all the love, support, cheeky emails, rude comments, flattering messages and any other interaction you’ve had with us – we want to make ripples and get people talking, discussing, even arguing about art and performance in Namibia. Thank you for helping us make that happen.

much love

the ARTWOLFE team





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