Volume 3: Nov & Dec 2014

VOL. 3, ISSUE 2 – Editorial

Hello again! For a while now we have wanted to compile an issue of ARTWOLFE that would showcase some of the influential and up-and-coming organisations that are currently active in the arts in Namibia. They work in multiple fields and across discplines, spanning theatre, visual arts, fashion, arts education and more. What they have in common is a commitment to supporting and enhancing Namibia’s local arts industries and its artists.

As a fledgling arts organisation ourselves, ARTWOLFE has a considerable crush on every one of them and we are grateful to all those who agreed to be interviewed or contributed to the content that you’ll find here.

Most of the issue consists of interviews with key members of the organisations we approached. You will find interviews with Nicky Marais of Visual Artists Namibia, Josephat Tijho from ChiNamibia. Then we have Joel Haikali talking about an exciting new venture, Katatura Is… And Elize van Huyssteen who explains a bit about the Arts Association Heritage Trust. We also have articles written by regular contributors Bobby Konjoosa, who fills us in about the Fashion Council Namibia and Rob Namaseb, who sat down with Ndino Ndilula, founder of the Namibian Theatre Initiative. Roffey Kleinschmidt also gives a quick overview of the various organisations we’ve been chatting with.

Last but not least, our faithful ‘How To’ offers some tips on how you might start an adventurous arts initiative of your own. It’s a jam-packed issue, so read on, dear ARTWOLFE readers and enjoy the insights of these trail-blazers and game-changers, who are helping shaping Namibia’s arts scene for the better.

And don’t forget that ARTWOLFE is trying to grow up too! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. In addition, if you want to receive a bi-monthly newsletter, with our editorial and links to the articles, just email us at thefuturewasgreat@gmail.com and we’ll put you on the mailing list!

And if there are any organisations you feel we were missed out on – tell us! And we’ll try write about them. Or better, write about it and send it to us! We are always looking for more contributions. So enjoy the issue!

much love,

the ARTWOLFE team


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