Volume 3: Nov & Dec 2014

How To Get Your Work Into The Next Triennial

This one is for all you rejectees out there – we scoured the Judges Reports to decipher their submission criteria. We got your back.

Firstly – Make work of an exceptional standard that should serve as an incentive and a challenge to other Namibian artists to achieve creative excellence. If your art was not accepted this time it’s probably because you challenged the wrong people – don’t be incompetent!

Secondly – Please sculptors and stone carvers, use the right stone. Don’t let your pieces fall over, make a sturdy base. You’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t!

Thirdly – Please painters and sculptors make larger work! Attempt a larger scale project, with all the grace that comes with it. Risk it all on one big piece! Large-scale work is the future! But please be prompt in bringing it to and from the gallery for the submissions and feedback sessions – don’t waste NAGN’s time and space. And don’t come snivelling to us when only small, unambitious projects are accepted (please refer to point 1).

Fourthly – Drawers, copy from photographs. Use a projector if necessary. Whatever you do make sure your work is as technically precise as possible, your craftsmanship will be rewarded.

Fifthly – Listen to the feedback. The judges know best and will (or at least one of them will) answer all your questions.

Sixthly – Lack of experience in the arts does not equal rejection; a long accomplished career in the arts might not equal rejection either. However both might be reasons why you are rejected. I know this isn’t really advice, but just keep submitting your work – amateurs, hobbyists and professionals alike.

Seventhly – If you don’t get in the first few times you try, don’t lose hope – there is a lifetime achievement award at the end of the tunnel.

Lastly – If all else fails don’t be afraid to employ others to make our artwork for you. Technical excellence is of the utmost importance so hey, if you’re at a loss – outsource the dirty work!

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