Volume 2: October 2014

Quest for Fire, Water, Earth and Air   

CPUT Climate Change Installation

An energetic contingent of design students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology road-tripped from Cape Town to Windhoek with a giant tigerfish sculpture. On the way they took photographs and collected stories about climate change, which they shared at the PDC. This poem was written and performed by one of the students, Khanya S Ramphomane:

I am the sea, my domain, the waves I own

Its abundance is endless, this place I call

Home I swim far up-field, up rivers and streams

My scales are brilliant, crisp, look how they gleam

The desert looms closer, like an ominous force

My body dries up, so brittle, so coarse

My fallen comrades now cracked into the earth

Their stories like seeds just waiting for birth

You don’t know me, but I know you

I fill your stomachs, your soups, and your stew

My belly is barren, full of decay Perhaps I’ll disappear and wither away

I trudge through swamps, my swimming now slow

Here lies the truth, the story you all know

Framed behind glass, I am tethered where I stand

My freedom diminished; is this my creators plan?

Out of context, out of time, a fish astray

I dream of the rivers, where I can swim away

Blow the horns, Ubuntu, my people unite

We have the capital to combat this plight

I am the spirit of the land, the sea and the wind

Let the fires rage on, let the story begin

New perspectives, motives, the possibilities run wild

Let us free our minds, our eyes un-blind

The world is shifting, the climate is changing

Let us bare branches, the time in now racing

Participate, communicate and let us thrive T

he man and the fish let us leave none behind


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