Volume 2: October 2014

Prayer Flags     

                    Kabelo Kim Modise, Nicky Marais and Helen Hangula

ARTWOLFE: Why did you choose to do this project?

Kabelo Kim: We wanted to fly the messages. So instead of hearing the messages from the air, you can read them from the air.

ARTWOLFE: What are the messages?

Kabelo Kim: Positiveness, I think, is the key. Predominantly love, peace – anything to deal with that was our focus; anything that falls under the umbrella of love. There are so many things that fall under that umbrella: ‘Be kind’, ‘love more not less’, ‘connect to each other’.

Nicky: We also painted a tiger on the flags be- cause we need to protect our rights fiercely!

ARTWOLFE: What will happen to the flags after the conference?

Kabelo Kim: We want to take them to the public and fly them to the community – In town, the location, anywhere. We want to spread the messages across the city, to everyone.

Nicky: We are happy to put positive messages out into the world.

ARTWOLFE: Can you comment on the participatory element?

Nicky: We got a lot of participants but they weren’t the people we expected.

Kabelo Kim: It is nice to collaborate but this space [The Safari Court Hotel] is not the ideal venue because people don’t find it accessible. It actually needs to take place in a friendlier public place.

DSC_0414 DSC_0430 DSC_0553

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