Volume 2: October 2014

VOL. 2, ISSUE #3: Editorial

With our 7th issue ever in the whole world we are returning to the visual arts, a subject close to our hearts. We are not the only ones and this week we are happy to announce contributions by some of Windhoek’s stalwart art enthusiasts as well as two featured artists, Gerdis Stadherr and Actofel Ilovu.

We have a friendly review of Gerdis Stadherr’s recent exhibition Spin-offs, which was up at the Omba Gallery. If you got a chance to see it you will no doubt appreciate this short inspired piece. If you did not get a chance to see it, you will probably be a bit sorry!

Actofel Ilovu’s exhibition of new works Bring in the Shade opened at restaurant La Bonne Table, at the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre on Monday 13th and Rob Namaseb caught up with him for an interview which you will find between these pages. We hope to lure you to the exhibition itself.

Rob himself needs a special mention this week, as we herewith formally announce his addition to the ARTWOLFE editorial team – Hurrah and welcome! Appropriately he makes his entrance with a smashing article that will raise some eyebrows, smiles or perhaps even some comments on our blog. Thank you Rob. Another invaluable contribution comes from Hendrick Ehlers, whose new gallery danger. Art opened with a bang on October 2nd. Hendrick kindly provisioned us with the speech he gave at the opening, which you can read here. If you aren’t quite sure what danger.Art is all about, you may be none the wiser after reading this article but we are cer- tain that you will be ready to pay the unique shop a visit in Funky Town, at Khomas Grove Mall in Khomasdal.

Lastly, kind readers, we have our faithful ‘how to’, which this week takes you through the steps of submitting to ARTWOLFE. So, if it has occurred to you this zine might be the ideal platform for you to applaud, analyse, rant about or review an exhibition, performance or event you have been to recently, this one is for you! It may interest you to know that when people send us articles to publish, the ARTWOLFE team is filled with joy, merriment and renewed conviction that ARTWOLFE is a good idea. You too can inspire such fulfilment – we’re just saying…

Don’t forget, all of our articles and more are available online at: http://www.artwolfezine. wordpress.com and you can also find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artwolfezine

much love the ARTWOLFE team

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