Volume 2: October 2014

How to Submit to ARTWOLFE

So if you’re holding this little zine in your hands, or reading it online, then you know what we’re all about. But here’s a quick re-cap all the same. We’re about ART and PERFORMANCE in this beloved country, Namibia (and everything related to the topic). We like EXHIBITIONS and PLAYS and DANCES and PICTURES and PHOTOS and most of all OPINIONS.

We have a dream that one day the editorial team won’t have to write a single article or take a single photo to fill this zine. It will be full of the thoughts and opinions from YOU. That’s right YOU. (And anyone else who has some- thing to say.) So.

DO: Go to that exhibition/play/dance/etc. that is happening soon and have some thoughts. Put you hand to your chin and say to yourself; “Hmm… I think this is worth a write -up”. Then gather information; you could do an interview or simply find the press release (whatever you write, make sure your facts are right!)

DON’T: Be scared or hold back. We’ve got this, we’re here to proofread, dot the i’s cross the t’s. You don’t think you spell or write well? Well. We think you do and we’re willing and able to sort out that pesky grammar. Grammar answers to us – like I said, we gots this!

When you finally sit down to write, remem- ber that we have certain requirements. If you want to write something short keep it to 500 words, that’s a one pager. Longer articles take up two pages- 1000 words. If you really really don’t want to write anything but have images of an event or something relevant we’ll happily give you the centre spread! Two whole pages of image-space to go wild with.

Next Step: email it to Artwolfe in good time. We’re going to read it and love it, but if there are any spelling/grammar changes to be made or questions to be asked, we’ll send it back to you for approval. We won’t be publishing anything without your express permission! No worries.

One last thing – we don’t mind publishing what you say under a pseudonym. Pseudonyms mean that people are less likely to attack you in the street for what you say, so they can be useful. But, if you write for Artwolfe and somebody wants to get hold of you about what you’ve written (whether you write under a pseudonym or not,) we will ask you to please reply to them. Artwolfe wants to be an open platform that encourages conversations and exchange.

So write to us at: thefuturewasgreat@gmail.com

Keep them coming guys!

The editorial team wrote this with hope in their hearts


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