Volume 2: October 2014

VOL. 2, ISSUE #2: Editorial

This issue takes a brief look at theatre, performance and everything that’s happening on the stage in Windhoek! (Well, almost everything). From ARTWOLFE’s small experience in the theatre world, we can all agree that it is probably the maddest of the arts and seems to be alive and well in Namibia.

Our exquisite centre spread is of the recent successful show The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), a beautiful and hilarious piece of the outdoor pop-up theatre that we hope you didn’t miss. (Don’t worry, it’s being performed again in Swakopmund around December). We also interview actor and comedian Helouis Goraseb, if you are looking for pearls of bizarre and entertaining wisdom.

Director of the play My Koek is Moeg, Jacques Mushaandja, was able to contribute this week, so read up on his thoughts and insights into his work, including a short piece by Brümilde English, who played ‘Poppie’ in this well-known Namibian play. We also have a review by the esteemed Sandy Rudd of Prime Colours and another brilliant review of Revere Them Those Men by regular ARTWOLFE contributor, Bobby Kaanjosa.

And of course, what’s an ARTWOLFE without that practical and oh-so-necessary “How To” section? This week’s ‘how to’ will help you handle the holy shrine of theatre and the ways in which to escape it.

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Don’t forget – the issue about the Bank Windhoek Triennial is coming up and we want your opinion on it. We’re pulling together public opinion on this big issue, so email us all of your thoughts and feelings on the exhibition at thefuturewasgreat@gmail.com

much love,

the ARTWOLFE team


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