Volume 2: October 2014

VOL. 2, ISSUE #1: Editorial

Welcome to our very first issue of Volume 2! We’re happy to say that ARTWOLFE zine has made it through our first month and we hope to continue for months to come… A sincere thanks for all the support, Facebook likes and comments, new followers and hostaged family-members forced to proofread issues and articles. And a special big thanks to our contributors! We really appreciate the love shown thus far.

Dance is something everyone does, from when they are small toddlers or tipsy adults at weddings. However, there is surprisingly not that much written about dance and this is why we wanted to devote an entire issue to this performing art. Our centre spread and cover photo is of dancers from Omaleshe Dance and Drumming. We also sat down to interview Tuli Shityuwete and Haymich Olivier from First Rain Dance Theatre and because here on WordPress we’re less limited, you can read the full-length interview.

We get some insight from an artist on technical skill and artistry, the ways in which these are connected but not the same. We also have a brief look at the OYO Dance Troupe and a very helpful and most hilarious guide to hip-hop. (If you’re a white girl who has been harvesting secret dreams of becoming a hip-hop dancer, this one is for you).

Please don’t forget our call for contributions! We want YOU to write articles, opinions, reviews, interviews, photographs, you name it… We’re looking for either shorter articles of about 400 words or longer texts up to 900 words. We are also looking for public opinions, whether a sentence or dissertation, on the Bank Windhoek Triennial. Email us at the futurewasgreat@gmail.com. And check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/artwolfezine

Remember you can buy the zine at Orumbonde Books at the Craft Centre. We are now also selling copies at danger.Art Gallery in Funky Town.

Enjoy the issue and get ready for the rest of Volume 2!

much love

the ARTWOLFE team


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