Volume 1: September 2014

ISSUE #4: How to Make a Snood

We asked our friend and contributor, local designer Lafika Joyce what we should put in our ‘how to’ section this week. Something really simple, we asked, something that requires minimal design-savvy and sewing skills to achieve. Her answer was delivered firmly and instantly, ‘A snood,’ she said, ‘write about how to make a snood.’snood2

Now I know, I know. Summer has burst upon the scene in the last couple of weeks and the thought of wrapping oneself up in any excess fabric is distinctly unappealing. But we had to admit, Joyce had a point. There is almost no fashion item or accessory that is so easy to sew up as a snood. But wait – what is a snood? It’s basically a scarf with the two ends stiched together. Also known as an infinity scarf, and it can be worn in many different ways. All it really comes down to is sewing two ends of fabric together in a straight line.

1) Take a length of fabric that you like. The softer the better. Make sure the length can wrap comfortably around your next at least once or twice.


snood12) Before you stitch the two ends together, you need to hem them. Fold about 1cm of the edge of the material, over twice. Pin the folded area down with a few pins. Use a sewing machine (or if you venture to do this by hand, a needle and thread) and stitch a single line down the length of the fold. This will stop the edges from fraying. Do this to both shorter ends of the fabric.


3) Now you need to stitch the two shorter edges together. Fold the length of fabric in half, so that these edges meet. You can pin them if you like, especially if the fabric is slippery. Then, stich another single line down the double length of fabric. Snip the thread and turn your snood (yes, your work is already complete) inside out to reveal its full glory!


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