Volume 1: September 2014

ISSUE #4: Editorial

So why is an art and performance zine producing an issue on fashion? To our minds, it fits and this is why…

The problem with fashion is that it is too easy to dismiss as superficial or unnecessary. Which is often completely untrue. Like it or not, the various strange and obscure objects we place on our bodies play a rather important part in our lives. Some of these objects have a major role in our creative expression and performative potential. The fashion industry may be strange and sordid at times but there is artistic merit and insight we can take from the fashion world, which affects us all.

The way in which we dress ourselves tends to say something about ourselves, of course, it doesn’t say everything but it can start a conversation or tell a story. If you want to check out some stories told through clothes and costume, take a look at our Costume/Bodies article.

In this issue we take a look at fashion in Namibia. Starting with a bit of insight into a certain fashion conceptualist’s thoughts on Namibian fashion today, where it is and where it could go.

We also feature Bobby Kaanjosa who interviewed one of the top male models that Namibia has produced. And our ‘How To’ this week explains how to make your own endlessly circular and simple fashion accessory, that odd scarf – the snood.

As each issue goes by we get more and more contributions, don’t forget that you too can become part of the team and send any ideas or articles to:


We are loving the responses we see in our inbox and on our WordPress. Your opinions on the Bank Windhoek Triennial are great, we are storing them up for our future issue on this topic, keep them coming!

Much love,

the ARTWOLFE team

PS. Good news! You can now buy ARTWOLFE zines at Orumbonde Books at the Craft Centre and at Danger.art Gallery in Funky Town!!! Woop woop.


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