ISSUE #2: How to Make a Wheat Paste

A wheat paste is a pretty cool (and cheapish) way of getting an image onto a wall without using ugly spray paint. We’ve all seen the results of a badly aimed spray can, that not even the blindest mother could pretend to like.

You’ll start by drawing a picture or printing one out from a computer. If you have the skills, it’s good to edit it so that it’s nice and graphic. Visual impact is what we’re going for here. If it’s your first time, do a small one, work yourself up to something big. Bigger wheat pastes would need to be made on multiple sheets of paper. Once you have made your image cut it out, the background will be the wall you put it on.

Now for the paste part:

Boil up a cup of water. Stir 3 table-spoons of wheat flour into a 1/3 cup of cold water. Add the flour mixture to the boiling water and stir constantly. Pretty soon the paste will thicken. Take it off the heat and let it cool. Store it in a closed container in your fridge.

Putting up your poster:

Spread the paste on the wall, you can use your hands or a paint brush if you prefer. Roll your image onto the surface and give it another layer of paste, focus on the edges if you don’t quite have enough to cover it again.

You can use this technique to decorate your own walls, your friend’s room, your mother’s kitchen… or if you want to reach a wider audience… well let’s just say it’s been done before. Who knows, you could be Namibia’s next Banksy!

wheatpast1 wheatpaste2 wheatpaste3

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