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ISSUE #1: How to Make a Zine

So what the hell is a Zine? It’s this. This thing you are reading and holding and hopefully liking. ‘Zine’ is short for Magazine, it’s a small independent publication. It’s easy and cheap to make and a really great way to get your point across. Although if you don’t have a point to make it’s also a really great way to publish your drawings and simply create something fabulous. Right.

Step one:

Decide what you want to make your zine about – writing, photography, drawings, funny pictures of cats from the internet, wacky quotes from your little sister… whatever you want… because you can.

Step two:

Just do it. Collect your bits of writing/images/quotes and create your layout. You can do it on a computer or simply cut out and glue onto pieces of paper.

Step three:

Photocopy it! Print it! (don’t forget to staple and cut the closed edges) Give it away! Sell it!

Here’s a nice easy layout structure that might help you on your way to greatness!

picture 2 layout vectorised final

Also if worst comes to the worst, and this has been totally unhelpful – Google it. Or check out this sweet little gif we found on the internet!

how to make a zine gif

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